Civil, Commercial, Banking and Corporate Litigation
Thiollier, Panella is recognized as a leading law firm in litigation, both in the judicial and arbitration fields, always seeking for the best possible results for the client within the shortest time.

Our practice in this area includes commercial and corporate disputes, lawsuits related to financial and banking law, recovery, collection and execution of credits, revision of business contracts and agreements, redress and indemnity, bankruptcies and judicial reorganizations.

The Firm operates throughout the Brazilian territory, including before the superior courts – Superior Court of Justice and Supreme Court. The practice also includes disputes at the various Arbitration Chambers, including the filing of lawsuits related to arbitration, such as provisional remedies, actions for the annulment of arbitration terms and execution of arbitration awards.
Family and Succession Law
Thiollier, Panella’s practice is widely recognized in the area of Family and Succession laws, assisting and advising its clients in both, judicial and extrajudicial divorces, alimony, custody and visitation regulation, stable union, paternity, interdiction, filiation, judicial and extrajudicial probate proceedings, prenuptial agreements, distribution and will.
Real estate Law
Our practice includes consulting and litigation assistance on real estate issues and disputes, including the preparation and negotiation of agreements and also the representation of the clients in the event of dispute. The Firm has acquired a vast expertise on matters involving shopping centers and malls.
Environmental Law
The Firm handles all matters related to Environmental Law, such as those involving diffuse, individual or collective interests that become the subject of lawsuits, including public civil actions and class actions.
Consumer Law
The Firm represents clients on matters related to Consumer Rights and Consumer Protection Law, whether in Court or before the several agencies of the Public Administration.
Tender and Bidding
Broad advice on all issues related to tenders and biddings, whether public or private, analyzing invitations, preparing support documents and proposals and examining the offers of competitors. Work in close collaboration with the Civil Litigation, creating adequate conditions for the adoption of administrative and/or judicial measures whenever motions to deny or questioning are required.
Labor Law
The Firm acts on all issues related to Labor Law, covering the litigious, preventive and advisory fields. Client representation in administrative and judicial actions including individual labor disputes before the Labor Courts in the three levels of jurisdiction throughout the Brazilian territory, including the Superior Labor Court, in the Federal District.

It provides advisory services in collective labor disputes, homologations of specific settlements before the Ministry of Labor, unions and syndicates, as well as in any other issues affecting employment agreements, such as extension of working hours and journeys, work hours compensations, implementation of bank of hours and similar programs, and representation in administrative actions before Ministry of Labor, National Institute of Social Security (INSS) and assistance in collective labor disputes, including the preparation and analysis of collective agreements and covenants, mediations and representation before labor unions.

The Firm also assists and supports Human Resources departments of clients in the analysis of employment agreements, benefit/profit-sharing plans, stock option plans, as well as hazard prevention in work environment programs, occupational health and medical control programs, support in the hiring of foreign employees, adequacy of employment agreement, benefits and advantages regarding Brazilian laws.

The analysis and recommendation on many different employment agreements related to specific situations to minimize the negative effects of certain employment relationships, including Service Agreements, Sales Representation and Worker Cooperatives and the support in the process of contracting outsourced labor, analysis of risks and exposure are also in the scope of the activities of the Firm in this area.

Labor due diligence, as well as analysis and determination of contingencies, training in labor routines and opinions related to Labor and Social Security Law are also part of the services the Firm provides.
Business and Corporate Law
Assistance in the incorporation, merger, acquisition, split, sale and winding up of any type or form of companies, including consortia, associations and foundations, in Brazil and abroad, in close collaboration with correspondent law firms in several different countries.

Additionally to shareholders’ agreements, the Firm also provides assistance in projects of corporate restructuring and formation of joint ventures, as well as planning and structuring of businesses in general.

The Firm has a broad experience in the preparation and negotiation of corporate documents, participation in shareholders meetings and in the definition and structuring of business activities abroad, with or without a direct connection with those activities conducted in Brazil, also providing support, by means of a wide network of correspondents, for the planning and implementation of branches and subsidiaries, in Brazil and abroad. It also conducts due diligence procedures, covering all matters of corporate and contractual nature.

Analysis, negotiation and preparation of the most diverse types of business agreements, whether national or international.

Expertise in agreements of distribution, logistics, intellectual property, supply, import and export, business partnerships, agreements with artists, sponsorships, licensing, among other specific topics. Assists on service rendering agreements, financing of real estate, leasing, franchising, distribution, sales representation and technology transfer, including procedures for the registration before the Central Bank of Brazil, the National Institute of Industrial Property and other governmental offices and agencies. Elaboration of preliminary agreements, memoranda of understanding, personal property and real estate sale purchase and agreements involving urban and rural properties, condominiums, shopping malls, hotels and other similar ventures.

Assistance in tax planning as well as international corporate and equity planning of individuals and legal entities domiciled in Brazil or abroad.

Support to clients in the structuring, creation, implementation, administration and management of investment funds in stocks, as well as in those related to credit and real estate rights.

In the area of international commerce, the Firm represents clients before governmental agencies on matters related to import and export operations, including those issues related to customs and foreign exchange.

Support in issues involving foreign investment and transnational financing, contribution and remittance of capital and dividends, as well as in the repatriation of funds and investments.

Administrative and/or legal procedures involving financial institutions – banks, insurance, brokerage houses, their shareholders, officers or managers, including those procedures before the Central Bank of Brazil and the Brazilian Securities and Exchange Commission (CVM).

Representation before the Administrative Council for Economic Defense (CADE) on issues involving competition law.
Tax Law
Review of consultations and issuance of opinions on issues of specific or generic nature involving city, state or federal taxes. Preparation of personal and corporate tax planning, including advice and analysis of the tax impact and repercussions of transactions. Provide opinions and assistance for the implementation of projects involving tax incentives. Evaluation, orientation and assistance for the participation in governmental programs for tax debt refinancing. Due diligence procedures to determine tax contingencies and risks.

In the tax litigation area, represents clients on procedures related to the waiver or reduction of taxes, fees, contributions or compulsory loans involving the constitutionality aiming at their return or compensation. The Firm provides comprehensive representation on collections and executions proposed by the tax authorities at all levels of jurisdiction, including those where the legal and/or constitutional support are questioned.

Follow-up of fiscalization procedures conducted by the various tax agencies and offices, preparation of defenses and appeals related to tax administrative proceedings and assessments. Representation in administrative proceedings for reimbursement, compensation or recovery of taxes, charges, contributions or compulsory loans before all administrative authorities, whether municipal, state or federal, throughout the Brazilian territory.